Sunday, May 11

The Nightmare Awards

Hi.. I'm here to tell you about a top rated horror movie. Usually unrated and uncut movies are not screened in the theaters but this movie is released in the theaters. I think you all guess which movie i'm talking about. Yes,it is Frontier(s). I love watching horror movies and that too especially in theaters and at nighttimes. I saw the Trailer of this film and just jumped off my chair. I was amazed to see that since it was too scary. It got released in the theaters a couple of days before.

The selected theater listings shows the theaters in which the movie has got released. You need to rush to the nearest theaters to take tickets to enjoy the thrill because this movie will be screened in the theaters only for a week. The movie could pass the censor board.

In order to avoid illegal DVD copies, the original ones are getting released in a couple of days from now. But still it is not advisable to see these uncut and unrated movie at home especially in front of kids. For more information about the film you can log on to the movie's website: But this site would not be suitable for all since it contains some violent images and scary trailers.
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