Thursday, August 21

Mohammed Rafi - The Legend

Mohd. Rafi, is indeed the best male singer that Bollywood has ever seen. He lives on eternally through his songs. This community is a tribute to the true maestro.
Mohammed Rafi was one of the greatest Indian playback singers in Bollywood. Rafi still remains popular in India and in many other parts of the world with people of Indian origin. His voice is referred to as "the voice of god". He continues to inspire new Bollywood playback singers like Sonu Nigam, Mohammed Aziz, Shabbir Kumar and Anwar. Rafi sang many well known duets with Lata Mangeshkar, Geeta Dutt and Lata's sister Asha Bhosle.

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Monday, August 18

Saints of India

India has been long regarded as the Spiritual Land. Various Saints have decorated this its Holy Soil from times unknown.

The universal teachings of these Saints attract spiritual people from all round the world. Free from any discrimination these Saints have revered all Faiths that lead to deeper understanding of Life and hence God.