Monday, June 30

NetworkSolutions presents PerformanceClicks!

I wish to tell you guys about the new idea brought about by network solutions.The new novel idea is pay per click marketing.If you have a web site you are no doubt aware of the importance of having bought a good domain name. If your name is easy to remember and relates well to your chosen topics you are already well ahead of many and customers or readers will not be struggling to find that web site that they visited once and really liked but can’t find again.

At the moment Network Solution is offering a free domain name analysis where you can answer three questions about your domain name and it tells you how well your domain name scored. At the end you also get a few suggestion of more domain names which are either popular misspellings of your domain or are variations of it.

You can also see if other extensions of your domain are taken (such as the .net or .org versions) I noticed was taken but it’s just parked at the moment and is not in use. While this is not really a big issue for me it could be an issue if you run a business and your competitor registers your domain with a different extension and begins to attract some of the business your site could have had, had you registered the domain name yourself.

Tuesday, June 24

History's Mysteries

When I was young I am a big fan in magician shows. Every time that we went in town I always request to my parents to go in the theater and watch magician’s performance. After we watch there shows it's always amaze me how the can walk in fire or do things that usually other people can't do.

Anyway if you heard about CRISS ANGEL Believe don't miss the chance to watch there performance at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

CRISS ANGEL performances will start at September 1 and run through September 11. If you want to make an advance reservation it’s available up to 4 months. So if I were you better get advance ticket now!

If you're living in US and Canada I encourage you to join the current Text Message contest. The text codes for the contest are (Text 'Believe' to 22122 to win 2 tickets to 'CRISS ANGEL Believe'). If you win in this contest you can get free ticket for two people and see the CRISS ANGEL believe shows and meet Criss Angel in person.

If you’re planning to join Cirque Club member to receive the latest news and offers about CRISS ANGEL Believe it’s absolutely free! All you need to do is visit there website for more information.

Again ladies and gentleman don't forget to watch CRISS ANGEL Believe shows. For more information just simply click the link that I provided.
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IBM Vermont

IBM Burlington, part of the IBM Microelectronics Division, produces memory, logic, microprocessors and special-purpose microchips used worldwide across the full range of IBM's product line and in the merchant marketplace.)

Since its establishment in 1957, IBM Burlington has been a leader in the development and manufacture of electronic components for information processing systems. Today it is one of the world's largest producers of semiconductor technology in buildings comprising more than 3.2 million square feet on a 725-acre site. IBM Burlington has some of the most sophisticated clean room manufacturing facilities in the world and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IBM Burlington, part of the IBM Microelectronics Division, produces memory, logic, microprocessors and special-purpose microchips used worldwide across the full range of IBM's product line and in the merchant marketplace.

Saturday, June 21

Watch Wimbledon online LIVE!!!

What's your favorite sport? As for me, I don't have any favorite one, but I love watching some. One of my favorite is tennis.

Talking about tennis, my favorite player is Lindsay Davenport. I think she's one of the best tennis players around the world.

Anyway, do you want to watch Wimbledon but you can't or missed it? Watch Wimbledon LIVE online.

Yes, Wimbledon has open its doors to online viewers. MediaZone brings you Wimbledon from your computer chair. See it all for just $24.99. You can watch all the 250 live matches and the video On Demand matches. Visit their site, watch the matches with their great package, and enjoy the excitement.
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Friday, June 20

Watch wimbledon online live!!!

It is time to get ready for the ultimate tennis match of the year, Wimbledon. I have always enjoyed the game of tennis, and to watch tennis greats play none other than their piers in the game that exemplifies the pinnacle of their success is very exciting, to say the least. My favorite player of all time was Bjorn Borg. Maybe this year will be Nadal’s year to win.

You can watch Wimbledon LIVE and online, just follow the link for more information. You can watch multiple games simultaneously for the package price of $24.99.

You can watch it all at MediaZone. This is a great site to keep up with your favorite in sports. The countdown continues till the big day for Wimbledon Live, be there for all the excitement. Also, visit MediaZone for the official site of the Wimbledon games, it is an excellent place to get ready and keep up with the games.

Get ready and watch Wimbledon Live online too!

Socialspark is great for mommy bloggers

IZEA has recently launched a new service which is currently in its alpha stage.It is called SocialSpark.It is pretty much like PayPerPost but has some very important points of distinction.It is an integrated website which offers sponsored posts,blog sponsorships and other opportunities called Sparks.Bloggers and Advertisers can create their profiles and the website even works as a social network.The best thing I like about SocialSpark is that all opportunity liks they provide are NOFOLLOW links.This means that Google will not penalize you if you use SocialSpark.

This service is great for mommy bloggers as they can keep in touch with other mommy bloggers through SocialSpark.They can earn while sitting inside their house just by making some sponsored posts.SocialSpark also provides insentives in form of a bonus to the blogger who makes the best and the most convincing post.There's pretty much mommy bloggers can get form SocialSpark.Nothing is more convenient than writing posts and getting paid through PayPal.

In my opinion SocialSpark has a great marketplace and if it gets going once it comes out of alpha,it can be a great service.My experience of using SocialSpark has been nothing but pleasant.The approval of posts is a quick process and I'm sure payments will be made on time as they were made when I used PPP.

SocialSpark is really special as it is the first blog advertising service which provides nofollow links and actually works.It has many non-Izea campaigns which shows that the bloggers will never fall short of opportunities.
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Unlimited time tunnel

Are you interested in automotive especially in cars rand racing? Here is interesting news for you. had launch the making of the new uber-slick Honda TV commercial, with the title of Difficult is worth doing. You can see this video unlimited time tunnel below:

It is all about the integrity and quality of the Honda Accord. As you know, manufactured by Honda since 1976, Honda Accord is still best car on their class right now with new models coming out. What is the new in the 2008 new model? However, it is still rated as a compact car while the size was increased significantly.
Do you know why it is called Accord? Because of Honda’s desire for “accord” and the harmony of society, people and automobile. The speacialty of Accord is fast, fuel efficient and low emission levels. It uses a traverse engine layout and a front-wheel drive. In the US, it’s one of the first Japanese cars produced. With one of the most inspiring histories, Honda is one of the best car manufacturers. Went through many hardships of the founder, SOICHIRO HONDA, yet is perseverance and ingenuity has made his company reach an international level as a world-class company.
So, while you planning to buy a car, this is something you should consider before you decide your choice.
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Sonu Nigam's FAN

A singer par excellence, Sonu Nigam is also a good anchor, dancer and composer. The qualities which make him stand out among the current crop of singers is his versatility, his vocal range, his euphonious voice and his ability to bring life into the song!! He is surely going to be regarded as one of the all time best singers in future.

Sonu has sung playback for countless Hindi movies. As well, he is a popular playback singer for many regional movies, singing effortlessly in many languages from Kannada, Punjabi to Bengali to Telugu, and many more. He is very famous in South Indian movies especially in Kannada with Recent hit films like Mungaaru Male.Recently, he has also sung in Tamil, in the film Kireedam.

Wednesday, June 18

Review about Condo Website

Planning to buy or sell condos? It’s a pretty difficult task. It’s really very difficult to locate a desired property. It requires a lot of analysis and knowledge on the various other condos available on the town. Buying or selling of condos is made easy. Assistance is definitely needed in the field of real estate. This difficult process is made simpler and easy. This difficult task is made easy by this website they provide assistance with your real estate needs in Greater Toronto Area.

Now locating your desired property is made easy using This is a place were the buyers and sellers meet. They offer toronto condos and toronto condo reviews. It has the largest and the most extensive search engines in Toronto market. It’s a quick and effective tool to obtain the detailed information latest available condos on market. In this forum both the owners and the tenants residence in the same building can communicate with each other. Various activities like sport events, contest are also organized here. The Toronto listing is emailed instantly with the full color photos, condos fees…. You can search for your dream lofts here. Why do you still wait for? Get your dream toronto condos here.
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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) is committed to the establishment of a welfare state in a country where people can have political freedom, economic opportunity and social justice.

PTI believes that a comprehensive overhauling of our society is required in order to deliver the benefits of a welfare state to the masses. this means that the state must play an activist role in the economic and social revival of our country. pti is determined to bring about a fundamental change in our country to accelerate economic growth and expedite the progress from a developing country to a developed one.

NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™

Sometimes I wonder where all the dust and those cobwebs come from. They seem to be piling up everyday on every available surface. Three days of not dusting surfaces and sweeping the floor and the dust is already layered on thick.

Sweeping and dusting are time consuming and tiring, too. However, I do them because they are needed and because using the vacuum cleaner would eat up so much energy. I just use the vacuum cleaner for those storage areas that are seldom cleaned.

But thank goodness, there is Dirt Devil . Their new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac reportedly uses 70% less energy, so even if this vacuum cleaner is used every other day, it will not make a significant addition to electric bills. This device truly lives up to its claim so much so that it is the first cordless cleaning technology to earn the Energy Star approval.

But not only does the Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac save energy and of course, money, it saves me the time and the effort needed to clean up the house! I think I spend so much time cleaning--time that I can use to do other more rewarding things, like spending time with family and friends.
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Imran Khan

In 1997, he started a socio-political movement in Pakistan known as the Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice) and ran for office in the National Elections. The movement's main focus is to bring justice to the people of Pakistan, largely via an independent judiciary. The party has Islamic overtones and was inspired partly by Khan's renewed commitment to Islam. He became a Member of Parliament for Mianwali in the October 2002 elections. He is very critical of the judicial system in Pakistan, which he says prevents accountability for the elite class in Pakistan.
Imran is seen as one of the finest all-rounders the game has ever produced, along with Garfield Sobers, Ian Botham, Kapil Dev,and Richard Hadlee. He achieved the "All-rounder's triple" (3000 runs and 300 wickets) in 75 tests, the second fewest behind Botham's 72.
In April 2007, Imran was voted as the greatest all-rounder in a readers poll by Cricinfo. He claiming 37% of the votes, beating Sir Garfield Sobers who was second

NEW! Dirt Devil® AccuCharge™

It has been four and a half months since my maid went back to her hometown in Indonesia. Her husband didn’t allow her to come back to work and since then I have to take over her responsibility for the house chores. We decided not to engage a new maid because the kids are getting more independent as they grow older.

When it comes to house chores, I need to do a lot of cleaning, not that I enjoy it and I believe nobody will. What do you think? The mess my kids created, the dust from house renovation nearby my place and the new highway which is only a block from my house, all these have contributed to more cleaning sessions for me, sigh!

Cleaning needs a lot of time and energy especially that spring cleaning. As a mother of two young kids who constantly need my attention, I always try to find my ways to save time and energy in cleaning. When I first came across the New Dirt Devil AccuCharge Cordless Hand Vac in the marketplace, I was very interested. The AccuCharge technology is not only charges twice as fast but it uses 70% less energy, making AccuCharge the first cordless cleaning technology to earn Dirt Devil approval.
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Skull and bones

The Order of Skull and Bones is a secret group based at Yale University, Connecticut. The society is organized as the Russell Trust Association.
In 2004, both US Presidential Nominees - Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican President George W. Bush - were members of Skull and Bones. They refused to talk about their common membership in Skull and Bones when interviewed on Meet the Press. Bush said "It's so secret, we can't talk about it." Kerry said he cant say anything about the society ("Well not much, because it's a secret... Sorry, I wish there was something I could manifest".)

Tuesday, June 17

SocialSpark is Live!

Here is an excellent piece of information for all bloggers who wish to monetize their blogs.The Social Spark allows you to meet people and also lets you to earn money through your blogs.

I have created my own profile at Social Spark. You can have a look into it, I have made many friends and we also get to support each other by giving props. A prop is giving a blogger at Social Spark a positive vote so the blogger's rank in Social Spark will go high. Usually, the one you have given a prop will reciprocate and give you back a prop also. You can also give other blogs a prop by looking into their blogs and see if they deserve one.

The best thing in SocialSpark is that it allows your fellow amigos to write positive and negative feedback's about your postings.I also like the idea that you can gain many friends. Social Spark is a one big community. And of course the bloggers and advertisers are amazing.

With Social Spark, there are ads for everybody so they need real opinions, honesty and transparency from their bloggers. Since I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to html and stuff, I really had a hard time installing the code which is needed as soon as you sign up and create a profile so you will get approved. With this blog, I was able to do so after several hours. I am having trouble with my other blog especially since I need to go through the c panel and all that jazz.

So friends if you haven’t signed up still,just visit the site and you’ll to get affiliated with Social Spark.

My Disclosure

Viraj Group Of Companies

With an ever increasing export market to over 60 countries globally, Viraj is now amongst the top 3 manufacturers of Stainless Steel Flanges in the world. The Viraj Group has a widespread network with more than 90% of exports to parts of Europe, US, Singapore, Canada and China.

Established in 1991, Viraj began its humble beginnings with the manufacture of Stainless Steel & Stainless Steel based Engineering products. Since then, Viraj has gone from strength to strength and is well known as a powerhouse in the stainless steel industry.

Today, Viraj’s operations span four continents and employs 5000 people with an annual turnover of $100 million. Viraj’s diverse portfolio structure includes Viraj Profiles Ltd., Viraj Forgings Ltd., Viraj ImpoExpo Ltd. and VSL Wires Ltd.

Friday, June 13

Living with Diabetes?

For those of us who understand what it is to live with Diabetes, you understand the importance of finding accurate, up to date information as well as receiving support and understanding. This is what makes the Diabetes portal, Diabetic Live, such an outstanding tool for diabetics.

What sets Diabetic Live apart from a lot of the other informational Diabetes sites is that along with getting some really useful diabetes information you are actually able to create your own blog on their site. What this will let you do is share your experiences, struggles, success, ups and downs with others who are also living with diabetes.

Being able to share and also identify with others who are sharing their views about living with diabetes is really a crucial part to successfully dealing with diabetes. We all know that support is key in our fight against diabetes.

Along with the support there is a great Diabetes 101 section on Diabetic Live which is filled with useful articles that deal with everyday situations that diabetics may find themselves in such as traveling, fighting the common cold, proper foot care and dental hygiene. We all know that there are a lot of things that diabetics need to take into consideration in our daily lives and the Diabetes 101 section of the site will make that easier.

Diabetic Live was started in 2006 by Christopher Berry. Christopher is a 33 year old Type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the very young age of 3, so you can imagine the experience and know how he is able to offer to others who are also living with diabetes.

Here at Battle Diabetes we feel strongly that it’s one thing to be educated about Diabetes but it’s a whole other thing to actually live with diabetes. The best type of support and advice comes from those who live it and at Diabetic Live you can be sure that you are getting just that.
You can just check - Managing Diabetes and - Diabetes Friendly Foods
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Stock Market

This fabulous category of financial instruments is, without a doubt, one of the greatest tools ever invented for building wealth.

However, most people don't fully understand stocks and lose their hard earned money. Lets not fall into that category. Lets use this community to share knowledge, provide ourselves the foundation to make better investment decisions.

We can put in our opinions on sectors, companies, trading and investment ideas. Other investment options(Mutual Funds, ELSS, Insurance etc) and tax related stuff is also welcome.

So lets become bulls n bears. Lets multiply our money.

Bulls make money, Bears make money, but Pigs get slaughtered!

Thursday, June 12

Just to say a thanks

As the school year draws to a close, it’s always impressive to review all the things the kids have accomplished during the course of the year. I’m constantly in awe of the teaching staff at school especially since I know I’d be running for the hills screaming my head off from having to deal with some of those rowdy kids in class. so, for teacher appreciation week, I had my kids write out personalized thank you cards to their respective teachers. some may dismiss the significance of thank you cards but I feel that they can be very effective especially when the card is written with honest sincerity. I made sure to convey to the kids that a well written card can mean so much to the recipient and that they need to invest time and effort to make each card special. at times I feel that some people just don’t get the “thanks” that they deserve. it seems that proper manners and respect have been lost somewhat among the new generation. that’s why I’m going to go out of my way to make sure I thank those around me whenever the appropriate occasion arises. I’ve even ordered some personalized cards from Cards Direct just so that I can quickly and easily send them out in a timely manner. Ordering these customized cards online makes things much more convenient plus the quality in printing and in the card stock are tough to beat.

Things don't happen, make them happen

In this world, things don't happen unless n untill u make thm happen. You have to make efforts for your bread, there is no"free lunch".

Problems arises in every one's life but the best way to solve a problem is to face it. You could not show your back to every thing.

Here in blogging i invite each n every one to come forward and post your genuine ur life's incident where you hav made such a great effort and proved my words.

so all those guys n gals who are affirmative with my thoughts come forward and join with me to write incidents.

Winners never quit, quitters never Win .

Never expect things to happen. struggle and make them happen.

Never expect yourself to be given a good value, create a value of ur own

Police gear website

Hi friends..
I am going to tell you about a site which sells really nice 5.11 shorts. If you buy two tactical clothing item you get free shipping, free return shipping and free hat. They provide a great offer for all the things which are bought. And one thing which you cant believe is tactical bail out gear bag is only $29. Do not search for shops for buying bags and shorts. You can buy these online easily with special offers too.

So if anyone is looking for great tactical gear you should check out the website and also link this website. This site also need some links to promote the site to a great extent.

UBL United Bank Limited

Progressive banking was a vision that came true in 1959 with the birth of UBL.It brought in an era of modern banking and customer care beyond the ordinary.

Today we are opening our eyes to dynamic new vision that will transform UBL into a world class bank.

We are reshaping the bank and investiog in state of the art technology to offer you innovative products and services.

Together with you, we will realize our vision.

Our vision of transforming UBL into a world class bank is a deep rooted commitment.

We have already begun the journey.We are reshaping the bank and investing in state of the art tecnology to offer you innovative products and services.

Every step we are taking places you at the centre of our focus.By puting you first, we will make this vision a reality.Together..

We offer our services through a wide network of over 1000 domestic branches all over Pakistan and 15 overseas branches as part of global network

Monday, June 2

Hometown Hiding

USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight is going to start tomorrow. It is a crime drama and i am very much interested in these type of series.

Well if i was going to be in Witness Protection Program of this series then, i would like to relocate myself to Las Vegas. Las Vegas is city of money, glamour, lifestyle and culture and it is one of my favorite city in US. So it would be nice to stay there under Witness Protection Program.

Well the series In Plain Sight is going to start tomorrow and i am really waiting for that. It is going to be nice tv experience and hope everybody will like USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight.
Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

Sunday, June 1

Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd

The company, through multiple retail formats, has over 325,000 sq. m of retail space currently spread over 100 stores and increasing to 1 million sq. m by 2008. The company operates throughout the country with a retail presence across various segments including fashion, food, general merchandise, furniture, consumer electronics, leisure & entertainment, communications, wellness and financial products and services.

Where's Mary?

Hi Friends..
Shall we play a game? I'm trying to make you all join with me to watch the USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. You all are in need to go and check the picture which i have posted below. This game is called "Where's Mary?". Visit this site and find the image of Mary which i have kept in this post. While searching you can see some hot photos which might become the reason for you to watch this drama "In Plain Sight".
If you have not heard about this show yet there is still time. The premiere is on june 1st. Don't miss this show as it seems to be very interesting.
Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight


I’ve tried to love Spaces but can’t, because I want to divide spaces into tasks, and some apps, like my web browser, need to have windows in every space. If I’m in, say, space 3 and Command-Tab to Safari, I want Safari to activate in my current space, not jump me to whichever space contains the frontmost Safari window. In short, Spaces seems designed for app partitioning, not task partitioning
Take, for example, the task of writing this article. What I want to be able to do with Spaces is dedicate one space solely to the task. I want Safari windows pertaining to any web pages related to the article, and MarsEdit and BBEdit windows for the article itself. But I don’t want all open Safari, MarsEdit, and BBEdit windows in this space — I only want those pertaining to the article. There was simply no way to make this work in 10.5.0 through 10.5.2; you could get the windows grouped this way, but you’d keep getting switched to another space when what you wanted to do was switch to another app within the current space. Spaces really only seemed suited to putting all of any given app’s windows in a particular space (or making all an app’s windows visible in all spaces). This isn’t to say Spaces wasn’t usable, only that it wasn’t usable for grouping a few windows from different apps together in one Space.