Thursday, June 12

Just to say a thanks

As the school year draws to a close, it’s always impressive to review all the things the kids have accomplished during the course of the year. I’m constantly in awe of the teaching staff at school especially since I know I’d be running for the hills screaming my head off from having to deal with some of those rowdy kids in class. so, for teacher appreciation week, I had my kids write out personalized thank you cards to their respective teachers. some may dismiss the significance of thank you cards but I feel that they can be very effective especially when the card is written with honest sincerity. I made sure to convey to the kids that a well written card can mean so much to the recipient and that they need to invest time and effort to make each card special. at times I feel that some people just don’t get the “thanks” that they deserve. it seems that proper manners and respect have been lost somewhat among the new generation. that’s why I’m going to go out of my way to make sure I thank those around me whenever the appropriate occasion arises. I’ve even ordered some personalized cards from Cards Direct just so that I can quickly and easily send them out in a timely manner. Ordering these customized cards online makes things much more convenient plus the quality in printing and in the card stock are tough to beat.


Tiffany and Apple said...
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Tiffany and Apple said...

There is an enormous significance to thank you cards - holiday cards, especially for business and family make a great deal of impact when sent. It's much better than not sending them! Holiday Greeting Cards