Monday, June 30

NetworkSolutions presents PerformanceClicks!

I wish to tell you guys about the new idea brought about by network solutions.The new novel idea is pay per click marketing.If you have a web site you are no doubt aware of the importance of having bought a good domain name. If your name is easy to remember and relates well to your chosen topics you are already well ahead of many and customers or readers will not be struggling to find that web site that they visited once and really liked but can’t find again.

At the moment Network Solution is offering a free domain name analysis where you can answer three questions about your domain name and it tells you how well your domain name scored. At the end you also get a few suggestion of more domain names which are either popular misspellings of your domain or are variations of it.

You can also see if other extensions of your domain are taken (such as the .net or .org versions) I noticed was taken but it’s just parked at the moment and is not in use. While this is not really a big issue for me it could be an issue if you run a business and your competitor registers your domain with a different extension and begins to attract some of the business your site could have had, had you registered the domain name yourself.

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