Tuesday, June 17

SocialSpark is Live!

Here is an excellent piece of information for all bloggers who wish to monetize their blogs.The Social Spark allows you to meet people and also lets you to earn money through your blogs.

I have created my own profile at Social Spark. You can have a look into it, I have made many friends and we also get to support each other by giving props. A prop is giving a blogger at Social Spark a positive vote so the blogger's rank in Social Spark will go high. Usually, the one you have given a prop will reciprocate and give you back a prop also. You can also give other blogs a prop by looking into their blogs and see if they deserve one.

The best thing in SocialSpark is that it allows your fellow amigos to write positive and negative feedback's about your postings.I also like the idea that you can gain many friends. Social Spark is a one big community. And of course the bloggers and advertisers are amazing.

With Social Spark, there are ads for everybody so they need real opinions, honesty and transparency from their bloggers. Since I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to html and stuff, I really had a hard time installing the code which is needed as soon as you sign up and create a profile so you will get approved. With this blog, I was able to do so after several hours. I am having trouble with my other blog especially since I need to go through the c panel and all that jazz.

So friends if you haven’t signed up still,just visit the site and you’ll to get affiliated with Social Spark.

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