Wednesday, May 28


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Do you understand what is happening in the video? You should because the advertiser has taken a great effort to create this video. This video says that the new Chevrolet Aveo is not troubling the owner. It starts smoothly and runs safely. But the another dancing car is creating nusense and makes the owner stays with it till the sky gets dark. So if you want to return home in time safely buy Chevrolet Aveo. This is a greate make from Chevrolet Europe.

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There was also an interesting piece in today’s Guardian by Colin Pillinger, the head of the Beagle II project, responding to Phoenix’s landing. The column comes across as pretty bitter and pessimistic. He still seems tormented by the failure of Beagle II and the promise it had to make some pretty important discoveries – discoveries that will now pass Britain by. And ExoMars, “if it happens,” might be obsolete by the time Mars Science Laboratory (NASA’s next rover) gets there in 2010.

Cheer up, Colin! Mars exploration isn’t nearly as proprietary as it once was, and all findings are available to all via NASA’s website. Britain’s participation is to be lauded, not mourned – Imperial has a presence on Phoenix and is playing a leading role in ExoMars. Besides, just because one rover makes important discoveries doesn’t preclude an equally productive mission from a successor. By wisely selecting a landing site, an entirely new set of questions can be answered. This global coverage is crucial if we hope to have anything beyond a cosmetic understanding of the planet and its habitability, past, present, and future.

In other news, got a call today at about 2 in the afternoon offering me a half price ticket to go see the US vs England tonight at Wembley! Should be incredible, and hopefully Landon Donovan and the boys will take care of business. Too bad my only football shirt bears Michael Owen’s name…

Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody

Biyutaifuru rairikku (Beautiful Lyric) would be my Japanese MANGO because, according to one of my "bestest" friends, I'm a beautiful writer. So, if my anime persona existed in the Bleach magna she would have the ability to speak to the restless souls and help them find their peace.

To celebrate my newfound knowledge and persona, I'll have to check out the action-packed Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody, which hits select theaters around the US on June 11th and 12th.

Do you want to see it too? Check out Fandango for movie tickets.
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Tuesday, May 27

Stars May Have Weather

If aliens could live on the star Alpha Andromedae in the Andromeda constellation, they might have a ready source of small talk: the weather. A seven-year study turned up shifting blotches of mercury vapor encircling the star, suggesting that its atmosphere churns the element up and down in great clouds. If correct, the discoverers say, the result marks the first example of stellar surface features that depend solely on atmospheric effects and not on magnetic fields—or in other words, weather. "No one has been able to find definite signatures of weather in stars before," says astrophysicist Saul Adelman of The Citadel in Charleston, S.C. "In most stars, what is seen is the result of magnetic activity."Sunspots—the most familiar stellar markings—occur when strong magnetic fields roil up from the sun's interior and block the outward flow of energy. Similarly, researchers believe that magnetic fields create patterns on some large, bright, young stars by holding in place elements that have become concentrated in certain parts of the atmosphere. In 2002, however, Adelman and colleagues reported finding a few large, bright stars that lacked magnetic fields but were chemically blotchy anyway. In particular, they noticed a fluctuating amount of mercury in the atmosphere of Alpha Andromedae, a relatively young Milky Way star that is more than twice as wide as the sun and 30 times brighter, Adelman says. To detail the changes, they scanned for mercury at two-year intervals from 1998 to 2004 and applied a technique to map the concentration of mercury on the star's surface. An undulating high-concentration band of mercury circles the star's equator, the group reports online today in Nature Physics. The concentration of mercury in some locations varied as much as a hundredfold between measurements. Team member Oleg Kochukhov, an astrophysicist at Uppsala University in Sweden, compares the mercury with thin planetary cirrus clouds. Stellar radiation would lift the mercury atoms, Adelman says, while stellar wind particles and variations in the star's rotational speed between the equator and poles might influence the clouds' rise and fall. Adelman adds that weather may exist on other stars like Alpha Andromedae, but the mercury makes atmospheric changes easy to spot. "In most stars," he says, "you don't have such markers."

Sunday, May 25

Classic Style

Did you remember how well dress Tom Cruise in Cocktail ?.I love the way and style Tom Cruise wearing his white shirt and black pant while shaking his cocktail drink in that show.I keep wondering who is his clothing designer and stylish.One day I found a pleated Docker pant in Factory Outlet.It's look similar to the one Tom Cruise wearing in that movie I fell in love with it the moment I lay my eyes on it.From that day onward I will only wear Docker pant as my formal pant.I like the cutting and 100 % cotton material.The most important is their cutting and style are especially made for woman like me who have big waist and small hip.I even get some short pant to wear in summer.I'm a beachlover who love to spend my time on the beach.I can pocket my keys in the multi pocket with the zipper and security button while on the beach.I really afraid I might lost my car key and unable to find it on the pure white sand on the beach or water. Well,if you can't find a nice and comfort pant to fit your body,why not get a pair of Docker now!.Trust me,the pants is everything you need to fit into your body.So each time I see Docker pants on sale,I'm sure grab few pairs with different color. On second thought, forget “talking about classic style” pants, I wish that pair could write or tell you how great I praise thems. So, pants, if you’re out there reading this, drop me a line and let me know about your continuing adventures. Since that’s unlikely to happen, how about sharing the adventures of your pants? Better still why not make a video about it and enter the Dockers contest. Selected entries will be shown on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay_Leno!.You can create a TV commercial for the <Dockers contest , featuring a Dockers take on your chosen fashion trend or style and who know one day maybe you're one of the famous director in Hollywood!!
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Life has always fascinated me…be it the tiny fingers of a new born,the innocence of a child,an adolescent’s search for his/her identity,the transformation from adolescence to adulthood,the sensibility of the middle-aged,or the experience of the old-aged…I kinda picture myself in all those phases of life and am amazed at the way GOD planned everything!

Life is like a novel, you never know whats going to happen next until you turn to the next page,I read that somewhere and am amazed by the truth of it..Nobody knows whats going to happen next,even while i’m typing this there could be an earthquake and the roof could come crashing down on my head…Or i could become a celebrity through this blog or…or a lot of other things could happen,but nobody knows what…and thats what life is all about!

I wait in anticipation for what every moment has in store for me…With every passing minute i grow older and wiser,learning about what a roller coaster ride life is.There have been some totally unexpected things that have happened and there have also been a lot of things that i have planned for and that have mercilessly flopped! And again,i realize they are a part and parcel of life,that make life so exciting to live,so enthralling to look forward to….something like a joy ride! The joy ride part,sure does depend on how you perceive things in YOUR life…If you are going to be pulled down by failures in your life,then forget about it being fun or about enjoying the ride!

When you know you’ve got this one chance to tell the world,you exist and this one chance to make the most of the life you have been gifted with, go ahead and face the day with all the enthusiasm in you,you sure will leave your footprints for the world to see

Wednesday, May 21

If These Pants Could Talk!

Today I am going to talk about my old lucky pants. I bought a pair of pants one with black color and another one with cream color when I was doing my first year degree. Now I am doing my 3rd year degree and its 2 years past i bought those two pants. I love those 2 pants and i will wear it often. The most pitiable thing is after my college gets over I used to go to gym and I will do exercise there for full 3 hrs with those same pants. Even if you see those pants today I misses just a packing to be sold as a brand new one. This is because those 2 pants turns out to be from Dockers.

Dockers is conducting Dockers contest, what you have to do is you have to create a attractive story about your pants and you can submit your stories as videos to Dockers TV commercial contest. Each and every one have different thoughts and different ideas. Put your ideas in creative way and shoot a short add film about Dockers. If your video is selected as the best one, you will get the chance to see your commercial run during The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Isn't it a pride to you?

Why are you thinking still? You will also get a chance to win this offer and so get ready for Dockers contest. Let the public come to know about your talent.. Even I am going to submit a video why not you? All the best to all!!
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The Laerdal Tunnel, World's longest tunnel

The Lærdal Tunnel was built during a five-year period from 1995-2000 at a cost of approximately 125 million U.S. dollars. It is an important link in the ferry-free road connection between the Bergen area and Eastern Norway, including Oslo, and is especially significant for winter traffic, when the high mountain passes are closed, or subject to closing, because of snow. The mountains above the tunnel reach elevations up to 1809 meters (5935 feet), and the breathtaking high-mountain road between Aurland and Lærdal, the so-called Snow Road, is open only for a few months during the summer. This tunnel is not only the world's longest, 24.5 km ( 15.2 miles), but also the world's most uniquely constructed tunnel with exceptional security features. (The world's second longest, the St. Gottard Tunnel in Switzerland, is only 16.92 km, or 10 miles). An access tunnel of 2.1 km (1.3 miles) was built from a side valley, Tynjadalen (Tønjum Valley), 6 km (3.72 miles) from the Lærdal side. This enabled the crews to drill from four sites, which shortened the construction time. This access tunnel also serves as an extraction tunnel for the ventilation system, and made it possible to deposit the excavated rock on the Lærdal side in an environmentally secure area.

Flex Your Lenses

Already I discussed about the fame of Dockers pants. So don't stop with just wearing the pants and go for your professions, in addition to that our honorable Dockers is sponsoring for Dockers contest. This is a TV commercial contest where you can prove your talents and win grand prizes.

Dockers is conducting a Dockers contest where any one can participate in this. What you have to do is you have to put your talents in creative and expressive way. Now you all know about Dockers very well so your job is easier. Create a short add video for about 30 sec and submit your videos to Dockers. Your videos will be rated by the viewers. If you video happens to be high rated you will be selected and your creation will get a chance to show its face world wide on June 13, 2008 in broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

So friends fix your lenses and roll your cameras to start getting recognized. I have the hope that you will win this contest. If you are still not clear with what you have to do just visit the links above to know more details about this contest. Nothing much you have to do for this contest just all usual things. See you soon on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. All the best!!
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Sachin Tendulkar

I am a die hard Fan of Sachin. I have all his ODI and Tests centuries on my laptop and I watch them every other day. I get very disappointed when he gets out. My girlfriend unhappy because she thinks that I don’t care about her since I keep talking about his batting and his records. We are proud of you Sachin. You have set standards for all the players across the world. I have never seen a player as calm as you. There is only one SACHIN TENDULKAR. I have a dream that one day I will shake hands with the living legend of cricket. It’s because of you that we respect the game. Cricket is a religion in our country and it is just because of you...Sachin. I just want to say you that keep going and we are always with you and behind you.Because of having a player like you we can say that yes we are Indians and always proud to be an INDIAN... Good Luck.

Sunday, May 18

DeathNote in Theaters Near You

The its name slightly suggests seems to be a note that holds one's fate (read death...),in this case they take it one step further,and it turns out to be a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death GOD..Ryuk. Any human whose name is written in the note book dies... Light, a student finds the book and decides to use the notebook to clean the world of all criminals. When some criminals mysteriously begin to die,the authorities send detective "L" to investigate. Both Light and L feel they are on the right side of justice, and are forever trying to prove themselves better than the other.

The DeathNote has been dubbed in English. Though unrated it is being screened in theatres for two nights- May 20th and 21st at 7:30pm at select theatres...The Death Note combines supernatural powers with action and weaves a plot with mystery that is bound to interest you!
Tickets can be booked in advance by entering your zip code in the search feature in the following site Seating is Limited - get your tickets EARLY! The movie is being screened in close to (or >) 200 theatres...a list of the theatres can also be obtained from the same site...!
Have Fun :) Hope you enjoy it!!
PS: If i can have any supernatural charecteristic,i would choose the ability to read minds...That way I understand people even better!
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World’s smallest international bridge - Zavikon Islands

Zavikon Island probably has the smallest international bridge in the world. It is only thirty-two feet long and connects a Canadian island and an American island. The boundary agreement in 1793 between the American and Canadian governments decided that no island would be split in two. Two-thirds of the islands are in Canadian territory, but the total area of the Canadian and American islands is roughly equal. Theoretically the second island is in US, but both are considered to be part of canada. Local guides and tour operators definitely want this to be known as “shortest international bridge”

Saturday, May 17

Truly Harrowing

A movie that would satisfy any horror movie fan's thirst.... A movie that can leave you sleepless for nights...A movie that can make you reconsider your perception of hell... A movie that will show you the heights of torture!!
Frontier(s)- the uncut and unrated horror movie promises to be all of the above.... There are scenes that leave you thinking that GOD does not exist anymore... There seems to be nothing that can save these people from the clutches of evil and from the clutches of their fate..They seem doomed to die a grotesque death...
The trailer begins with the desperate cry of a small boy, U would wish to help him,but wouldn't know how to.... The lady in the trailer at first looks like she is looking for some way to escape..but as you move towards the end,she takes on a stronger role,she looks like she is determined to put an end to all the evil...! She looks like she has "NOTHING TO LOSE"...
Most unrated movies never make it to the theatre but Frontier(s) was screened in select theatres for a week,starting the 9th of May.. To see those theaters check it out here.. Select theater listing.. For those Horror movie buffs who missed it on the large screen,the movie will be out n DVDs shortly...For those weak at heart, I suggest you watch another movie,Frontier(s) is strictly reserved for the iron-hearted!!
Frontier(s) promises to be one of the best horror movies of 2008,and if can help it....dnt miss it..!
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Human Rights

Human Rights are what make us human. They are a person’s basic right to life,liberty and happiness,without fear of vengeance.
Poverty,rights of women and children and military involvement are only some of the issues that human rights involve!
Ever since Saddam Hussein took over,Iraq had become home to all manner of crimes…Some of them are mentioned below
* Bloody wars leading to death of Iraqi civilians and inhabitants of neighbouring countries.
* Elimination and disappearance of around 3,00,000 people
* Destruction of 4500 towns and villages.
* Inhumane and degrading treatment… (decrees legalising the amputation of various parts of the body)
* Rape of women
* Beheading of women
* Summary executions ( 2000 prisoners in March 1998 in just one day in the Abu Grahib prison,as part of the ‘prison cleaning’ operation)
These are only a few,Saddam Hussein was said to torture women in order to control their husbands…Women were raped in the open in front of their families…They were denied equal education and the basic legal protections to which all humans are entitled…
Beheadings used to be carried out by Uday (Saddam’s eldest son) and “Fidayi (FID-AY-EEN) Saddam” - Saddam’s personal militia,they used to take place in front of the victim’s neighbours and family….Saddam required that the woman’s head be displayed publicly outside the victim’s home for several days..
Saddam made Iraq living Hell during his regime…With his execution the dark clouds of terror have lifted from the face of Iraq…A new Iraq with new hope for a better world and people ready to fight oppression has arisen….!

The nightmare awards

A Horror Movie with a story that can change your perception of Hell...It is guaranteed to have you sitting at the edge of your seat! It is about a girl, and how her fate takes a wrong turn to take to her to a place no Human would ever dream of going to...
The Frontier(s) is a horror movie whose uncut and unrated version was screened in select theatres for a week starting from the 9th of may..the trailer promises everything that a horror movie Trailer should! The music in itself creates a feeling of impending doom. Everything and everybody seems to possessed by something evil that refuses to loosen its grip! There are gruesome killings,merciless methods of torture,untold secrets, and scenes that can haunt you for days together!
Unrated movies are never allowed to be screened in movies in public concern.. The select theater listings shows the theaters in which the movie has got released. But Frontier(s) was screened for a week and for those who couldn't watch the movie at the theatres, DVDs of the uncut and unrated version will be released shortly...The movie promises to be a treat for Horror movie treats..for those week at heart,the movie is a strict NO!
So brace yourself for the years most gripping Horror movie...As I read in another review... " For those interested in life - after life, the movie promises nothing less"!
Go Ahead and indulge yourself in .......HELL
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Cancer Institute

The Cancer Institute situated in Adyar is among the nation’s best cancer therapy centers. One wouldn’t be surprised to see patients from anywhere between Kashmir and Kanyakumari. Patients come in even from Ceylon and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Armed with adequate equipment,skilled doctors and qualified nurses,this institute is ready to take on any challenge.
Another noble aspect of the institute is that it provides free treatment to patients below the poverty line. On a visit to the divine institution, I observed and learnt a great deal..The thing that just couldn’t miss my eyes was - the crowd! There were patients from almost all states,waiting for their turn. The other unmistakable fact was the trust the patients placed in their doctors,this is self evident from the fact that there were patients from more than three states..All these patients placed their entire faith in these doctors who leave no stone unturned to ensure a better life for their patients.
There were even some patients waiting for their post-operative checkup and it was good to see them on their path to recovery.Another aspect that did not escape me was that,the doctors here gave all the assurance,courage and strength the patients needed,before and even after stepping into treatment.The nurses though on their feet most of the time,got satisfaction from their job.The unending devotion of the doctors and the sincerity of the nurses has helped THE CANCER INSTITUTE achieve all that it has today. The institute also has some of the latest technology,and any patient who comes in for treatment is assured to be in the safest of hands.
For centuries,people spoke of cancer only in whispers,or not at all, as if the disease were not dreadful but shameful and contagious as well! Today the picture is changing rapidly- and no doubt the Cancer Institute has played a huge part in it…..

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Bermuda Triangle

History of the "Triangle"

The Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil's Triangle, is an imaginary area that can be roughly outlined on a map by connecting Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the Bahamas, an island chain off the coast of the United States. Within that triangular area of the Atlantic Ocean have occurred a number of unexplained disappearances of boats and planes. Additionally, readings on directional devices do not operate normally inside the triangle.

Unusual events in that area date back in recorded history to 1493 and the first voyage of Christopher Columbus (1451–1506) to the New World. In his log, Columbus noted that his compass readings were askew within the area now called the Bermuda Triangle, and he and his crew were confused by shallow areas of sea with no land nearby.

The term "Bermuda Triangle" was first used in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis for Argosy magazine in 1964. Gaddis claimed that several ships and planes had disappeared without explanation in that area. The article was expanded and included in his book, Invisible Horizons: True Mysteries of the Sea (1965), where he described nine mysterious incidents and provided extensive detail. Many newspapers carried a story in December of 1967 about strange incidents in the Bermuda Triangle after a National Geographic Society news release brought attention to Gaddis's book. The triangle was featured in a cover story in Argosy in 1968, in a book called Limbo of the Lost (1969) by John Wallace Spencer, and in a documentary film, The Devil's Triangle, in 1971. Charles Berlitz's 1974 bestseller The Bermuda Triangle marked the height of the disaster area legend, but some of its sensationalized claims were quickly proved inaccurate.

“The region involved, a watery triangle bounded roughly by Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, measures less than a thousand miles on any one side.”
George X. Sand introduced the Triangle to his readers in October 1952 in a short article for Fate magazine, entitled “Sea Mystery at our Back Door.”
By the early 1960s, it had acquired the name The Deadly Triangle. In his 1962 book, Wings of Mystery, author Dale Titler also devoted pages in Chapter 14— “The Mystery of Flight 19”— to recounting the most recent incidents of disappearances and even began to ponder theories, such as electromagnetic anomalies and the ramifications of Project Magnet. His book would set the temper for Triangle discussions thereafter. (Just in April 1962 Allan W. Eckert had written a sensational piece in the American Legion Magazine on Flight 19 ((“The Mystery of the Lost Patrol”)) which introduced some of the most popular but erroneous dialogue purported coming from Flight 19, including lines like the ocean looks strange, all the compasses are going haywire, and that they could not make out any directions, “everything is strange.” This became a may pole for electromagnetic discussions).

Sunday, May 11

The Nightmare Awards

Hi.. I'm here to tell you about a top rated horror movie. Usually unrated and uncut movies are not screened in the theaters but this movie is released in the theaters. I think you all guess which movie i'm talking about. Yes,it is Frontier(s). I love watching horror movies and that too especially in theaters and at nighttimes. I saw the Trailer of this film and just jumped off my chair. I was amazed to see that since it was too scary. It got released in the theaters a couple of days before.

The selected theater listings shows the theaters in which the movie has got released. You need to rush to the nearest theaters to take tickets to enjoy the thrill because this movie will be screened in the theaters only for a week. The movie could pass the censor board.

In order to avoid illegal DVD copies, the original ones are getting released in a couple of days from now. But still it is not advisable to see these uncut and unrated movie at home especially in front of kids. For more information about the film you can log on to the movie's website: But this site would not be suitable for all since it contains some violent images and scary trailers.
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Perfect Cash Advantage

Getting money after filling up an online form can be pretty scary especially if you don’t know much about payday loans. Some people might think that this is what hacking means. Wrong. But it is very much a possibility when you browse through internet lending sites, so you need to be more careful.

Before you apply for a loan online, make sure you’re done your research. Engage only with lenders with high credibility and has been tested by software such as McAfee to make sure that there are no stealth software in the site. Fake internet sites are real, designed to get your personal information which are then used in shady transactions. So in Geena Davis’s words, be careful, be very careful. For starters, you can go to

Online cash advances are the same as the corner cash advance store, only this one is on the internet, with faster approval, and according to the belief of some people, at lower cost and higher loan amount. Some people like borrowing online because this is more convenient as they can stay at home and there is no more need to wait in line.

Other people look at short term loans such as cash advances as more secure since they don’t need collateral, thereby assuring that their homes and other properties are safe.

Saturday, May 10

Truly Harrowing

Hey guys.. I usually love to watch horror movie, more at nighttime.. A movie named frontier(s) was released yesterday which is an unrated and an uncut horror movie. It will be shown in the theaters just for a week. Dont miss this opportunity. This movie could pass the censor board. I just saw the Trailer by visiting the movie's website and just amazed by seeing that Trailer.

If you were unable to see the movie in the theaters dont worry because DVD's for this movie is getting released in a couple of days. Its this fast to avoid illegal DVD copy. But it is not advisable to see this movie at home in front of kids as it is too violent. This movie is some what worthy because usually uncut and unrated movies are not screened in theaters. To get more information about that film visit The website would not be suitable for all as the images and the movie trailer are too violent. select theater listings shows you the theaters in which the movie is being screened. Click on this to get a clear idea of which all the theaters the movie is released... select theater listings. The one thing sure about this movie is it's truly harrowing.

So.. Hurry up to go to the nearest theater to watch the scary movie Frontier(s).
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Friday, May 9


Mayflies are a group of quite uncommon insects. We did not found many of them in Brisbane. They are considered to be one of the most primitive insect order. They have large forewing and small to absent hind wings. They have large eyes and very short antenna. They can be distinguished by their three long abdominal appendages. Their larvae live in fresh water. Adults usually live only a few hours, or some species maximum one day or two.

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Wednesday, May 7

Singapore Roads

A new addition to Singapore's roads is a red lane marking along Orchard Road. It indicates a full day bus lane that runs along the stretch of Orchard Road from Paterson Road to Dhoby Ghaut.

This lane is expected to significantly improve journey times for bus users and is in operation from 7.30am to 8.00pm, Mondays to Saturdays, excluding public holidays.

Motorists should keep clear of the full-day bus lane during its operational hours. Offenders will face a fine of $130.

The Land Transport Authority has introduced the full day lane as a pilot scheme which will be re-assessed in March. If it is found to improve bus travel times, it may consider introducing such full day bus lanes at other busy locations.

Tuesday, May 6

Ashop commerce- shopping cart software

Well,guys!Nowadays many of them spend most of their time in doing online jobs.Practically just think many youngsters are interested to do some jobs and they are always attached to the they will be so eager to get a online job.This goes an advantage to the producers and they announces an advertisement in the net like an online job. As i am also a youngster i used to surf the net.Finally i saw Ashop Commerce. Apart from other online jobs this is quite different and easy to be done.

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Shopping cart solutions

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