Wednesday, May 21

If These Pants Could Talk!

Today I am going to talk about my old lucky pants. I bought a pair of pants one with black color and another one with cream color when I was doing my first year degree. Now I am doing my 3rd year degree and its 2 years past i bought those two pants. I love those 2 pants and i will wear it often. The most pitiable thing is after my college gets over I used to go to gym and I will do exercise there for full 3 hrs with those same pants. Even if you see those pants today I misses just a packing to be sold as a brand new one. This is because those 2 pants turns out to be from Dockers.

Dockers is conducting Dockers contest, what you have to do is you have to create a attractive story about your pants and you can submit your stories as videos to Dockers TV commercial contest. Each and every one have different thoughts and different ideas. Put your ideas in creative way and shoot a short add film about Dockers. If your video is selected as the best one, you will get the chance to see your commercial run during The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. Isn't it a pride to you?

Why are you thinking still? You will also get a chance to win this offer and so get ready for Dockers contest. Let the public come to know about your talent.. Even I am going to submit a video why not you? All the best to all!!
Sponsored by Dockers

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