Sunday, May 25

Classic Style

Did you remember how well dress Tom Cruise in Cocktail ?.I love the way and style Tom Cruise wearing his white shirt and black pant while shaking his cocktail drink in that show.I keep wondering who is his clothing designer and stylish.One day I found a pleated Docker pant in Factory Outlet.It's look similar to the one Tom Cruise wearing in that movie I fell in love with it the moment I lay my eyes on it.From that day onward I will only wear Docker pant as my formal pant.I like the cutting and 100 % cotton material.The most important is their cutting and style are especially made for woman like me who have big waist and small hip.I even get some short pant to wear in summer.I'm a beachlover who love to spend my time on the beach.I can pocket my keys in the multi pocket with the zipper and security button while on the beach.I really afraid I might lost my car key and unable to find it on the pure white sand on the beach or water. Well,if you can't find a nice and comfort pant to fit your body,why not get a pair of Docker now!.Trust me,the pants is everything you need to fit into your body.So each time I see Docker pants on sale,I'm sure grab few pairs with different color. On second thought, forget “talking about classic style” pants, I wish that pair could write or tell you how great I praise thems. So, pants, if you’re out there reading this, drop me a line and let me know about your continuing adventures. Since that’s unlikely to happen, how about sharing the adventures of your pants? Better still why not make a video about it and enter the Dockers contest. Selected entries will be shown on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay_Leno!.You can create a TV commercial for the <Dockers contest , featuring a Dockers take on your chosen fashion trend or style and who know one day maybe you're one of the famous director in Hollywood!!
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