Wednesday, May 21

Sachin Tendulkar

I am a die hard Fan of Sachin. I have all his ODI and Tests centuries on my laptop and I watch them every other day. I get very disappointed when he gets out. My girlfriend unhappy because she thinks that I don’t care about her since I keep talking about his batting and his records. We are proud of you Sachin. You have set standards for all the players across the world. I have never seen a player as calm as you. There is only one SACHIN TENDULKAR. I have a dream that one day I will shake hands with the living legend of cricket. It’s because of you that we respect the game. Cricket is a religion in our country and it is just because of you...Sachin. I just want to say you that keep going and we are always with you and behind you.Because of having a player like you we can say that yes we are Indians and always proud to be an INDIAN... Good Luck.

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