Saturday, May 17

The nightmare awards

A Horror Movie with a story that can change your perception of Hell...It is guaranteed to have you sitting at the edge of your seat! It is about a girl, and how her fate takes a wrong turn to take to her to a place no Human would ever dream of going to...
The Frontier(s) is a horror movie whose uncut and unrated version was screened in select theatres for a week starting from the 9th of may..the trailer promises everything that a horror movie Trailer should! The music in itself creates a feeling of impending doom. Everything and everybody seems to possessed by something evil that refuses to loosen its grip! There are gruesome killings,merciless methods of torture,untold secrets, and scenes that can haunt you for days together!
Unrated movies are never allowed to be screened in movies in public concern.. The select theater listings shows the theaters in which the movie has got released. But Frontier(s) was screened for a week and for those who couldn't watch the movie at the theatres, DVDs of the uncut and unrated version will be released shortly...The movie promises to be a treat for Horror movie treats..for those week at heart,the movie is a strict NO!
So brace yourself for the years most gripping Horror movie...As I read in another review... " For those interested in life - after life, the movie promises nothing less"!
Go Ahead and indulge yourself in .......HELL
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