Saturday, May 17

Truly Harrowing

A movie that would satisfy any horror movie fan's thirst.... A movie that can leave you sleepless for nights...A movie that can make you reconsider your perception of hell... A movie that will show you the heights of torture!!
Frontier(s)- the uncut and unrated horror movie promises to be all of the above.... There are scenes that leave you thinking that GOD does not exist anymore... There seems to be nothing that can save these people from the clutches of evil and from the clutches of their fate..They seem doomed to die a grotesque death...
The trailer begins with the desperate cry of a small boy, U would wish to help him,but wouldn't know how to.... The lady in the trailer at first looks like she is looking for some way to escape..but as you move towards the end,she takes on a stronger role,she looks like she is determined to put an end to all the evil...! She looks like she has "NOTHING TO LOSE"...
Most unrated movies never make it to the theatre but Frontier(s) was screened in select theatres for a week,starting the 9th of May.. To see those theaters check it out here.. Select theater listing.. For those Horror movie buffs who missed it on the large screen,the movie will be out n DVDs shortly...For those weak at heart, I suggest you watch another movie,Frontier(s) is strictly reserved for the iron-hearted!!
Frontier(s) promises to be one of the best horror movies of 2008,and if can help it....dnt miss it..!
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