Saturday, May 17

Human Rights

Human Rights are what make us human. They are a person’s basic right to life,liberty and happiness,without fear of vengeance.
Poverty,rights of women and children and military involvement are only some of the issues that human rights involve!
Ever since Saddam Hussein took over,Iraq had become home to all manner of crimes…Some of them are mentioned below
* Bloody wars leading to death of Iraqi civilians and inhabitants of neighbouring countries.
* Elimination and disappearance of around 3,00,000 people
* Destruction of 4500 towns and villages.
* Inhumane and degrading treatment… (decrees legalising the amputation of various parts of the body)
* Rape of women
* Beheading of women
* Summary executions ( 2000 prisoners in March 1998 in just one day in the Abu Grahib prison,as part of the ‘prison cleaning’ operation)
These are only a few,Saddam Hussein was said to torture women in order to control their husbands…Women were raped in the open in front of their families…They were denied equal education and the basic legal protections to which all humans are entitled…
Beheadings used to be carried out by Uday (Saddam’s eldest son) and “Fidayi (FID-AY-EEN) Saddam” - Saddam’s personal militia,they used to take place in front of the victim’s neighbours and family….Saddam required that the woman’s head be displayed publicly outside the victim’s home for several days..
Saddam made Iraq living Hell during his regime…With his execution the dark clouds of terror have lifted from the face of Iraq…A new Iraq with new hope for a better world and people ready to fight oppression has arisen….!

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