Sunday, May 18

DeathNote in Theaters Near You

The its name slightly suggests seems to be a note that holds one's fate (read death...),in this case they take it one step further,and it turns out to be a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death GOD..Ryuk. Any human whose name is written in the note book dies... Light, a student finds the book and decides to use the notebook to clean the world of all criminals. When some criminals mysteriously begin to die,the authorities send detective "L" to investigate. Both Light and L feel they are on the right side of justice, and are forever trying to prove themselves better than the other.

The DeathNote has been dubbed in English. Though unrated it is being screened in theatres for two nights- May 20th and 21st at 7:30pm at select theatres...The Death Note combines supernatural powers with action and weaves a plot with mystery that is bound to interest you!
Tickets can be booked in advance by entering your zip code in the search feature in the following site Seating is Limited - get your tickets EARLY! The movie is being screened in close to (or >) 200 theatres...a list of the theatres can also be obtained from the same site...!
Have Fun :) Hope you enjoy it!!
PS: If i can have any supernatural charecteristic,i would choose the ability to read minds...That way I understand people even better!
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