Friday, June 13

Living with Diabetes?

For those of us who understand what it is to live with Diabetes, you understand the importance of finding accurate, up to date information as well as receiving support and understanding. This is what makes the Diabetes portal, Diabetic Live, such an outstanding tool for diabetics.

What sets Diabetic Live apart from a lot of the other informational Diabetes sites is that along with getting some really useful diabetes information you are actually able to create your own blog on their site. What this will let you do is share your experiences, struggles, success, ups and downs with others who are also living with diabetes.

Being able to share and also identify with others who are sharing their views about living with diabetes is really a crucial part to successfully dealing with diabetes. We all know that support is key in our fight against diabetes.

Along with the support there is a great Diabetes 101 section on Diabetic Live which is filled with useful articles that deal with everyday situations that diabetics may find themselves in such as traveling, fighting the common cold, proper foot care and dental hygiene. We all know that there are a lot of things that diabetics need to take into consideration in our daily lives and the Diabetes 101 section of the site will make that easier.

Diabetic Live was started in 2006 by Christopher Berry. Christopher is a 33 year old Type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the very young age of 3, so you can imagine the experience and know how he is able to offer to others who are also living with diabetes.

Here at Battle Diabetes we feel strongly that it’s one thing to be educated about Diabetes but it’s a whole other thing to actually live with diabetes. The best type of support and advice comes from those who live it and at Diabetic Live you can be sure that you are getting just that.
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