Saturday, July 12

Where's YOUR Future?

I just took a Bill IQ quiz online at www. It asks all different types of questions about debt, monthly bills, retirement, life insurance, home ownership, etc… Some of the answers I knew right off. Others I had to answer with “NO” even though it was something I knew was important, I just don’t do yet. I scored a 76%. I know if I was able to answer “YES” to a few of the questions it would have raised my score considerably. I hope with in a couple of years I will be able to answer YES to all those NO questions.
If you have a couple of spare minutes you should go try the quiz. You may learn more about your financial readiness. After the quiz you can find information about how to Consolidate debt or improve your credit score, etc… Just taking the quiz made me more determined than ever to stick to a monthly budget, get debt paid off and make sure we are well-prepared for the future. can help with all of that, which is awesome! To get more information, click on any one of the link below:
Debt consolidation
Debt relief
Debt help
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