Tuesday, July 15

The 'look'

We all know about it... :) all of us do possess a charm that can sweep people off their feet. We can leave an indelible impression in people's minds when we choose to! You cannot deny it,when you meet somebody for the first time and you take an immediate liking towards them,you unconsciously become more approachable,eager to communicate,enthusiastic and etc...and all this automatically gives you...THE LOOK!! You start waiting for a chance to make eye contact with that person,and when you do,the smile on your lips brings a glow to your eyes,that no doubt would attract the person towards you.Raised eyebrows and a slight nod indicate interest and can also be taken as an invitation to start a conversation. A simple smile can mean,the person is not overtly interested,but wouldn't mind trying you. I need not say anything about eyes that are consciously avoiding your looks!! Your smile is the most important factor in crearting the LOOK ,as people term it!!

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Flirting is no longer limited to "sweet-nothings" and verbal praises,a lot of non-verbal signs count too!! Your body language and eyes can communicate far more effectively than anything you say. Crossed arms indicate a closed mindset with no interest to communicate,legs crossed at the feet are another barrier to open/free communication. Likewise a person's feet tend to point in direction that holds something that interests them. For instance if there are two men trying to impress a woman at the same time,and she is interested in only one them,she would unconsciously beagn to lean towards the person she likes,her feet might point to the person she likes rather than to the other. These are just a few indicators,
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