Sunday, July 13

About Vishal

Vishal and Nayantara’s sizzling ‘cuddly….cuddly’ stills from the movie ‘Sathyam’ cried out loud about a ‘hot relationship’ happening.This prompted Vishal who is known for his clear way of speaking to come out and categorically deny any love affair with Nayantara. However he said, ‘we meet up every week as with other people as well just as colleagues from any industry do’. He also added in a jocular vein that Nayantara would not act with him again especially because of the ‘torture’ he had subjected her to during filming. He had wanted her to reduce weight and get in shape for a song which she obliged and said it had done a world of good for the song sequence.

But then the usually unambiguous Vishal has also added some fuel by saying that he is in love with an actress and found nothing wrong if an actor and an actress marry. He however did not name the actress.’Do people consider it strange for a software engineer to marry another software engineer? Then why shouldn’t an actor marry an actress?’ he asks.He also denied ‘arranging’ the meeting between Simbu and Nayantara by saying that when the two were conversing, the lights came on because the party was over and that he along with his friends left the place.

Who is the actress Vishal is in love with and who is the actor Simbu claims Nayantara to be in love with? These questions actually add fuel big time. In a country where ‘freedom of expression’ is considered vital, there can be no end to the ‘guess-work’ these actors have subjected the media into.

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