Monday, July 27

WaiverWire In-Season Pass

Hello friends,
While surfing the net i found an amazing site WaiverWire and i just felt like discussing about it. This is a site which offers In-season pass for just $9.99. This will be inclusive for the whole 2009 year. The site will provide real time football player alters. This alert will reach the person via e-mail or to their Waiver Wire profile page. Other than these updates will be given now and then about the players like player news and player injury alerts and all. You will not receive unnecessary mails. It will be filtered to the "Player focus list". Player focus list is a list that users will create and you will receive mails only about those players and their updates. If you prefer team specific updates, they do have provision for that also. It is you users who are indeed to decide whether you need a player specific update or team specific. Even if you need all, they are ready to offer you that.Apart from these you will also receive Strength of Schedule Rankings, Points Allowed by Position, Player Projections, Player Comparisons, Access to Waiver Wire’s Fantasy Social Network, Cheat sheets, Red zone stats, Depth charts, Community forum, Guru challenge game and many more. This site seems to be user friendly. I enjoy surfing the site and I'm really impressed by their service. Don't bother to visit the site for more information.

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