Monday, March 24

Insurance Portal

My wife handed me the car and health insurance from an insurance company one night. She had wanted to have both our cars insured. I’m not against the idea but I have been busy in my work that I didn’t have time to get one. I browsed over the qoutes and after analyzing the best plan for us I’ve decided to give the insurance company a ring the next business day.I have been fully insured. I have a life insurance and a complete medical insurance, even our house is insured. In life I don’t take chances. I am young and strong now but who can tell when an accident will come your way. I wouldn’t want my wife to be broke when something happens to me. I couldn’t bear to even think of it. My wife has her own insurance policy. These days we need to be always on guard on the uncertainties of the future. While I can pay off all the insurance company, there’s no reason I should not keep them. I had planned to get a car insurance
months ago after I purchased a sedan for my wife but right after I bought the car I was given an urgent assignment with a crucial dealine that’s why getting a car insurance for both of our cars was

Now that I’m done with our recent project, I can take now some time to get a car insurance. And since my wife bother to get the quotes for me, there’s no way I will not get our own car insurance now.

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