Saturday, January 19


When it comes to taking care of people who work for him, Illaya Thalapathy Vijay always goes the extra mile.

The actor who usually meets his fans at his Saligramam residence has decided on a change of venue. He has shifted his office out of the place and moved it over to his marriage. hall. Now the palatial house is separated into smaller compartments and has been given over to his support team. His driver, his personal make-up man and his favorite cook stay there free of cost.

His fans too are happy to meet him at the kalyana mandapam, since it is bigger place and can hold more people. Vijay has two marriage halls, one at Vadapalani and Saligramam each, and is building a third one near Ambatur.

Perhaps this is Illaya Thalapathy style of saying thanks to not just his fans but those who work closely with him.

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